Have you noticed in the last several years how there is such a split between the science folk and the religion folk?  You know, those who want creationism in the schools, and those who have no doubt about how evolution has occurred here on the planet?  When I was growing up (way back in the 60's and 70's) there was no question in our house about the validity of science.  My mom was a school teacher and my dad had taught school in a pinch.   Science simply WAS, no questions asked or even entertained.

And yet... my dad was also a Methodist minister, and there was all the church activity several times a week, and somehow there was no conflict between the two.  Science was science and religion was religion, and if we believed that the miracles in the bible were real, well that was something that just didn't happen anymore, and the miracles could probably have been explained away.  Feeding the crowd with just a little bit of bread and fish?  My mom said she thought the people in the crowd had brought some of their own, and in passing around the baskets, they added to it so that there was enough for all.  (And that really feeds my socialist soul today - I like that explanation.)  Raising of Lazarus?  He was probably not really dead, just appeared so.

However, what was never questioned was the whole resurrection idea, not that a soul passed on to another plane of existence, first spending a little time here, but that the whole body of Jesus was brought back to life after spending three days dead.  No longer identifying as Christian myself, that doesn't bother me because I just don't believe it.  Others do believe, and that’s okay with me, it doesn’t harm my beliefs at all.

There are many things that science does not (yet) explain that I DO believe, however.  I believe that energy is around us that we can use and direct, though not everyone uses it in the same way.  I believe in both the placebo and the nocebo effect on the body, that what we believe in can be manifested in our cells.  And when we extend that forward, it can be manifested in the universe.  I believe that our ancestors looked at the world a bit differently, noticing patterns, and many of those belief systems have been passed down.  That is how we have systems that have worked for a thousand years or so with Chinese and Indian medicine.  And a lot of the “new age” woo-woo is the old age accepted practice.

We have separation of church and state here in this country, and it’s there to protect us, giving us both freedom for religion and freedom from religion.  And that is why creationism should not be taught in state run schools but left for the churches that do believe in it.

Now you might see that as a contradiction.  I see creationism as believing in a literal translation of one sect of a religion that was meant to be an allegory. (I know, that’s my take on it.)  I see “the woo-woo” as something that is just not yet proved by science, and woo-woo has no religious affiliation.   What do I mean by woo-woo?  Reiki, magic, spell work, positive affirmations, EFT, meditation – and I’m sure there is more.

What I don’t understand is why people want everyone to believe the same as they believe - why people believe there is only one truth.  I will never see the world the same way my neighbor sees the world, so our truths are different.  But it doesn’t mean we can’t be neighbors.  In fact, being neighbors with someone who has a different outlook adds to my experience of being human. I can honor someone’s different belief without believing it myself.

That’s genuine civilization – being civil with each other.



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